Homo Religiosus

With Choreographer Karol Miękina

Choreography : Karol Miękina
Music : Paul Tinsley
Costume : Zofia Jakubiec
Dance : Paulina Jaksim, Katazyna Sikora, Sandra Szatan, Dominik Olechowski, Grzegorz Polański, Paweł Zaufal
Graphic Design : Jolanta Drozd

Karol Miękina
Karol contacted me regarding his ambitious ideas for Homo Religiosus and we had a rather hilarious skype conversation. I loved the idea, steeped in religious overtones and classicalism with a modern (me) edge.

Unfortunately I never saw the piece in full but heard it was great (obviously I'm biased).

The music is lots real sounds, wood, metal, ceramics made into rhythmically modern landscapes.