Here After

With Limitless Dance Company

Here After is a powerful and thought-provoking performance piece from the Sydney-based Limitless Dance Company. Incorporating the central themes of life and death, growth and decay, Here After explores life’s connections and disconnections to our spiritual journey.


May 2019

Conceived and Directed:
Mitchell Turnbull
Mitchell Turnbull in collaboration with Limitless Dance Company Dancers
Abigail Gasson, Jennifer Horvath, Georgia Sekulla, Bree Timms, Maddie Tratt and Karina Cruickshank
Paul Tinsley
Costume Design:
Mitchell Turnbull
Stage Manager:
Mitchell Turnbull
Lighting Design:
Peter Rubie
60 minutes
“…it is in the conception that the full scale and achievement of the work and its elements is realised. This is a very special indeed original journey into spiritual drama, made authentic and convincing as realised on stage. The show has purpose, substance and truth. It is a masterpiece of modern dance.”
— Sydney Arts Guide
“…an inspired, energetic perfromance that at times washes over you in waves of relentless movements. Here After is a meditative, thought-provoking new work.”
— Artshub
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